Where to get Power Ups

  • In the lower right corner of the window, choose "Marketplace".
  • Within marketplace, choose "Power-Ups".

Categories of Power-Ups

  • Attack - These are the "armor piercing" rounds that typically have a fixed number of uses. Purchase these only when you have lots of spare money.
  • Defense - These are "Hardened Skin" that typically last for an amount of time. Use them only for boss fights. Make sure you have plenty of energy before using them as you are likely to run out of energy long before you run out of time.
  • Tactics - "Smoke Screens", "Mag Ammo", and "Smart Bullets" good for a fixed number of uses. Good for boss fights.
  • Production - "Overtime" and "Bribery" good for a fixed number of uses. Use these to turn product into money or money into product.
  • Jobs - "Autofocus" and "Moneymind". These are great when you get them for free, but generally not worth paying for.

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